GATE 2018 Books for Chemical Engineering

GATE 2018 Books for Chemical Engineering (CH) download pdf

Here we have provided some of the best GATE 2018 Books for Chemical Engineering(CH).

In GATE Chemical Engineering (GATE CH) exam, the topics have been divided like this. Section 1: Engineering Mathematics contain topics like Linear Algebra, calculus, Differential equations, Complex variables, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods. Section 2: Process Calculations and Thermodynamics include topics like Steady and unsteady state mass and energy balances including multiphase, multicomponent, reacting and non-reacting systems Section 3: Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Operations include topics such as Fluid statics, Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, shell-balances including differential form of Bernoulli equation and energy balance. Section 4: Heat Transfer include topics like Steady and unsteady heat conduction, convection and radiation, thermal boundary layer and heat transfer coefficients, boiling, condensation and evaporation. Section 5: Mass Transfer include topics like Fick’s laws, molecular diffusion in fluids, mass transfer coefficients, film, penetration and surface renewal theories. Section 6: Chemical Reaction Engineering include Theories of reaction rates; kinetics of homogeneous reactions, interpretation of kinetic data, single and multiple reactions in ideal reactors. Section 7: Instrumentation and Process Control include Measurement of process variables; sensors, transducers and their dynamics, process modeling and linearization. Section 8: Plant Design and Economics include Principles of process economics and cost estimation including depreciation and total annualized cost, cost indices, rate of return, payback period. Section 9: Chemical Technology Inorganic chemical industries (sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, chlor-alkali industry), fertilizers (Ammonia, Urea, SSP and TSP)

Here you can find the list of best books for Chemical Engineering(CH) in the preparation of GATE 2018 CH Exam. Check here the list of GATE preparation books for Chemical Engineering(CH).

Gate 2018 Chemical Engineering Reference Books

Chemical Engineering-Process Calculations

Chemical Process Calculations: Lecture Notes by K. Asokan

Stoichiometry and Process Calculations K.V. Lakshmikutty

Chemical Process Calculations by D. C. Sikdar


A Textbook of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by K. V. Narayanan

Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics: Special Indian Edition by J. M. Smith, H.C. Ness, M. Abbott, B Bhatt

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by Ahuja Pradeep

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications by Vijay Gupta

Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications by Vijay Gupta, Santosh K. Gupta

Fluid Mechanics by Dr. D.S. Kumar

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Engineering (SI Units) by Dr. D.S. Kumar

Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Revised and Expanded by Ronald Darby, Ron Darby , Raj P. Chhabra

Mechanical Operations

Mechanical Operations by Anup Swain, Hemlata Patra, G K Roy

Heat & Mass Transfer

Fundamentals of Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer by Dr. R. C. Sachdeva

Heat and Mass Transfer by P Nag

Heat and Mass Transfer SI Unit by R.K. Rajput

Heat and Mass Transfer, 4/e (SI Units) by Yunus Cengel, Afshin Ghajar

Heat and Mass Transfer Data Book by C.P. Kothandaraman

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Chemical Reaction Engineering by Octave Levenspiel

Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering by Fogler H. Scott

Fundamentals of Chemical Reaction Engineering (McGraw-Hill Chemical Engineering Series) by Mark E. E. Davis , Robert J. J. Davis

Instrumentation and Process Control

Process Systems Analysis and Control by LeBlanc Coughanowr


Linear Control Systems With Matlab Applications 11/e PB by B. S. Manke

Control Systems (Uptu) by S. Hasan Saeed

Control Systems Engineering I. J. Nagrath

Automatic Control Systems by Kuo Benjamin C.

Modern Control Engineering y Ogata Katsuhiko

Plant Design and Economics

Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers by Max Peters, Klaus Timmerhaus, Ronald West

Chemical Technology

Dryden's Outlines Of Chemical Technology Marshall Sittig , M. Gopala Rao

Gate 2018 Chemical Engineering Guide Books

Gate Tutor 2016 - Chemical Engineering by Nikhil Gupta , Abhinav Jain

GATE Guide Chemical Engineering 2016 by GKP

Objective Type Questions And Answers In Chemical Engineering by Gupta O P

Objective Type Questions and Answers in Chemical Engineering by Prasad Ram

Gate 2018 Chemical Engineering Solved Papers Books

Gate Paper Chemical Engineering 2016 (Solved Papers 2000-2015) by GKP

GATE Chemical Engineering Solution by Engineers Institute of India - EII

GATE Chapterwise Solved Papers - Chemical Engineering (Old Edition) by Nikhil Kr. Gupta

Chapter-wise Gate Solved Papers (2012-2000) Chemical Engineering by Nikhil Gupta

Chapterwise Gate Solved Papers (2014 - 2000) Chemical Engineering by Nikhil K.R. Gupta