GATE 2018 Books for Agricultural Engineering

GATE 2018 Books for Agricultural Engineering download pdf

Here we have provided some of the best GATE 2018 Books for Agricultural Engineering

In GATE Agricultural Engineering (GATE AE) exam,  Section1: Engineering Mathematics contain topics like Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Probability and Statistics. Section 2: Farm Machinery include topics like Machine Design and Farm Machinery. Section 3: Farm Power include topics such as Tractors and Powertillers. Section 4: Soil and Water Conservation Engineering include topics like Fluid Mechanics, Soil Mechanics, Hydrology, Surveying and Leveling, Soil and Water Erosion and Watershed Management: Watershed characterization; land use capability
classification. Section 5: Irrigation and Drainage Engineering include topics like Soil-Water-Plant Relationship, Irrigation Water Conveyance and Application Methods, Agricultural Drainage, Groundwater Hydrology, Wells and Pumps. Section 6:  Agricultural Processing Engineering contains topics like Drying, Size Reduction and Conveying, Processing and By-product Utilization and Storage Systems.Section 7: deals with topics like Dairy and Food Engineering-Heat and Mass Transfer and Preservation of Food.

Here you can find the list of best books for Agricultural Engineering in the preparation of GATE 2018 AE Exam. Check here the list of GATE preparation books for Agricultural Engineering.

GATE 2018 Agricultural Engineering Books

Irrigation Engineering by by N N Basak

Irrigation Theory and Practice by by A.M. Michael

Fundamentals of Food Engineering by by Rao D. G.

Concepts and Applications in Agricultural Engineering by by Nikunja Bihari Dash

Soil And Water Conservation Engineering PB by Suresh R

Gate Digest in Agricultural Engineering by Er. Sanjay Kumar

Handbook of Agriculture by Indian Council Of Agricultural Research

Gate 2018 Agricultural Engineering Guide Books

Agricultural Engineering Question Bank by Jain Brothers

Question Bank On Agricultural Engineering by Jagdish S. Nikhade, Shesh Nath Rawat

Question Bank on Agriculture for Competitive Exams by Neeraj Pratap Singh